Rita Heard Days, 1st District

Shalonda Webb, 4th District

September 3, 2021


on the Supreme Court’s Inaction on the Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Yesterday morning, our United States Supreme Court turned its head and allowed the state of Texas to proceed with the most draconian, restrictive anti-choice/anti-abortion law in the country. This lack of action blatantly looks past 50 years of established law and leaves women exposed and vulnerable. Not only does this go against the country’s Roe vs. Wade precedent, which protects a woman’s right to choose, it also sets a horrible standard for a woman’s rights in general. This decision will impact so much more than the right to choose, it restricts a woman’s right to basic healthcare as many of these providers also offer women centered healthcare services beyond abortions.

For women of color, this is a particularly dark moment. Far too many communities of color are already subject to a lack of access to quality healthcare, access to quality goods and services and a lack of jobs that pay a livable wage.  

We cannot accept this atrocious law and court inaction, we must raise our voices in unison with our sisters. There are four strong women who sit on as the members of the St. Louis County Council which constitute a majority of the Council, however our ability to legally take a stand and push legislation to protect a woman’s right to choose unfortunately is limited. We do, however, as individuals and as a group, have our voices which allows us the opportunity to be heard on this and other related issues. Recently, plans and legislation have been offered to improve the conditions of women and their families, such as the proposals to stem the impact of COVID-19 and bring better healthcare to our respective communities. 

There is no room for compromise on women’s rights and there is no middle ground. We will stand by our sisters and fight with and for them. We will also fight for our communities and work to improve a right to have quality healthcare. TOGETHER, we must fight for our bodies, our lives and our families.